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Freighthouse Pottery:

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Chancing a visit might leave you disappointed!

Because the studio functions as a space for wholesale production, classes, and my own sales, my work week is usually varied and highly unpredictable… I spend oodles of time at the studio during any given week, but depending on what’s on the agenda, and how the clay is drying, I might be here really early in the morning, or very late in the evenings. Some days, a visit might not be possible due to the nature of what I’m doing. My studio is a production space, with modest retail capacity.

Modest retail hours are currently Saturdays from 10 to 1pm (or email me for an appointment time!)..

STAY TUNED for exciting workshop offerings coming in October, November, and December, AND…. I’m going to have some big Holiday OPEN HOUSE weekends in November/December too. A HUGE thank you to customers who reach out, and are understanding about the every changing nature of studio business here; I am beyond grateful for the support and patronage.

If you’d like to visit the studio please email to schedule a time to visit; I’ll do my best to accommodate

Welcome to FreightHouse Pottery! FHP started as a collab with a wonderful pal four years ago. It’s been a sole proprietorship for the past year (my pal has gone on to a new, and exciting path of her own, and has been doing some incredible helping and healing work with others of late). 

FreightHouse Pottery currently offers: Pottery for retail, Small-batch wholesale production, and classes.


I have a very friendly-though-barky dog named Yarrow; she usually does not hold court on Saturdays with me, but during the rest of the week, she’ll be here by my side. I recognize that not everyone loves dogs, and while I’d be happy to gently introduce you to her, if you give me a heads up, I can corral her in the studio loft, or leave her at home.


Upcoming workshops

I offer hand building workshops with clay; these workshops are usually one or two-part classes where participants learn different techniques to build things. I schedule these workshops around my production schedule, which is my primary focus of the business and main source of income, and so class availability will fluctuate seasonally depending on my wholesale and retail workload. I don’t offer wheel classes (see my FAQ section for helpful info if you’re keen to try the wheel). For an updated schedule of offerings, please see below:


2019 Holiday Workshops - ORNAMENTS and GARLAND Workshops

ORNAMENT WORKSHOP: Wednesday November 27, from 7 - 9pm $50 plus tax

Make 10-20 ornaments (depending on size and detail), and decorate your ornaments with cheerful underglaze in one night! No experience necessary; join us for this very merry experience, and pick up your ornaments on the following Saturday (in time to adorn your tree!)

Payment in full is required to secure your spot; deposits will be returned in the event that you cannot attend, as long as we can find someone to take your spot). Email for details; etransfer to is ideal for payment, but you can stop by the studio on Saturdays 10-2pm to pay by cash, credit, debit, or cheque - we’ll gladly hold you a spot until we can connect for payment if you email the studio.

GARLAND WORKSHOP: Tuesday Nov 26, from 7 - 9pm $50 plus tax

Come and spend a night rolling out thin wee bits of clay, and stamping out as many shapes as your wee hands can make! This workshop is for those who would enjoy a really easy and fun intro to clay: we’ll be making oodles of bits, which will be left at the studio to be fired (we’ll be using various natural clay colours and firing these little bits “raw” or unglazed), and then may be picked up the following Saturday. The idea is to offer you a chance to make the ceramic part of a garland, and for you to take your wee pieces home to string into garland at your leisure (or hang out on Saturday Nov 30 at the studio for extra help). Hemp twine for 2m of finished garland provided (but it can be up to you as to what you choose to use as stringing material, if you’d prefer something different!) .

Payment in full is required to secure your spot; deposits will be returned in the event that you cannot attend, as long as we can find someone to take your spot). Email for details; etransfer to is ideal for payment, but you can stop by the studio on Saturdays 10-2pm to pay by cash, credit, debit, or cheque - we’ll gladly hold you a spot until we can connect for payment if you email the studio.



Please get in touch if you’re interested in exploring wholesale opportunities; FreightHouse Pottery proudly partners with several local businesses (and a few beyond!).

FreightHouse Pottery also supports local businesses (retail, restaurants, breweries) in co-developing exclusive products and product lines, with collaborative input.

In terms of volume, most projects will require a minimum order of 18 units. I’d be pleased to chat about wholesale pricing and logistics:


Wills & Prior, Stratford

FHP is delighted to collaborate on a few items exclusively available at Wills & Prior; our current offerings include match strikers, candlestick holders, and vases. These items are available at Wills & Prior only, and aren’t stocked at the studio for retail.


Soup Surreal, Stratford

A fantastically yummy option for food in town; if you eat in, you’ll be enjoying your meal in a bowl made by FreightHouse, developed with huge design input from Soup Surreal. If you fall in love with your bowl while you’re there, Ashley and Derek (owners) will kindly offer you the chance to purchase your bowl.


Okazu, Stratford

Enjoy sake or coffee in a FreightHouse cup; these wee guys were made with the collaborative input of the mavens of 85 Downie. This is an awesome place to hang out in Stratford, with deeeelish snacking options.


Frequently ASked questions



I don’t offer wheel-based classes at FreightHouse Pottery; I only have one wheel, and learning the wheel can take lots of practice to make headway. I just can’t facilitate that kind of practice time on my wheel when I need it for my own production work. 

There is a wonderful studio in New Dundee called Dundee Pottery and they have wheel classes that you might want to check out:


Why can’t i find a phone number for the studio?

I often get asked about why I don’t have a phone number posted for the studio. The short answer is that as a one-woman operation, there’s a good chance that my hands are dirty at the studio, and if not, I’m likely with a customer or a student, making things happen. 

Email or message (Facebook or Instagram) is a much easier way for me to respond to most queries as I’ll be better equipped to give a more thoughtful answer when I have the time to do so. I do my very best to respond to emails within two business days, and often to with much more speed than that, but I just as for your patience (again, the one-woman show thing can be a bit tricky).

If you’re just a phone person, or a phone call would just be WAY more convenient for you, please feel free to message me and let me know - I can give you a call, or provide you with my number.


Where is the studio located? I’m having trouble finding you…

The studio is at 101 Shakespeare St in Stratford, ON. That is indeed the train station! If you’re looking for the studio, locate the breezeway (the roofline that joins the main station with the outbuilding). Look for the big green doors under the breezeway. If the studio is open and welcome to visitors, the FreightHouse sign will be out (please keep in mind that drop-by visits aren’t ideal, and that appointments are highly favoured).

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