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Pottery for the people

Locally made × Crafted with Love


Sarah Van Norman and Hilary Fair met at pottery school in Haliburton in 2013. By fall 2014, Hilary had lured Sarah to her hometown of Stratford to open a studio. In February 2015, the two friends launched FreightHouse Pottery at the Stratford train station (in a neighbourhood that is affectionately known as "the Brooklyn of Stratford").

The only thing better than making pots is making pots with friends.



Our mission statement was born of a joke between us but, like most jokes, we came to recognize the thread of truth it carries. We aspire to make pretty, cheerful, handmade things. What's more, we aspire to make these pretty, cheerful, handmade things accessible to all people. We hope that everyone who comes into our studio can leave with something that makes them happy, at a price point that works for them.